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Pi: The Mathematical Proof God IS Existing

The Granularity of Health and Fitness Trackers

On January 12, 2022 at 10:00 AM EST, Wall Street Journal reporter, Laura Cooper, reported an article,  How Health and Fitness Trackers Are About to Get a Lot More Granular.  Cooper wrote, “Business and researchers are dreaming up the next generation of methods to create and quantify personal data, with the aim of using the information to boost health and happiness”  ( link ).  Cooper is saying personal data invention and analysis is in its early stages. So, despite all the work AAMMA (from East to West Headquarters, Apple, Alphabet, Meta, Microsoft, Amazon, see here ) put into Web 2, Web 3 is promising more personalizable technology experiences. But the metric to weigh against the boosts is what is wasted, and this is the secret: it is that the oral tradition of physical trainers is divided by the spreadsheet records of analysis. When buying this wisdom from data warehouses, it would be anonymous. In Western societies, personal image is more important than collective groups. Conside

Metaverse: Proof of Concept

On January 10, 2022, a WSJ (Wall Street Journal) CIO Journal writer, Suman Bhattacharyya wrote Tech Leaders Create Proofs of Concept for the Metaverse . Bhattacharyya (2022) wrote, “Technology companies, including Meta Platforms Inc. and Microsoft Corp., are battling for talent to build the hardware that is crucial for accessing the metaverse” ( link ).  In this case, 2 leading technology companies are in strong competition. So, science will likely emerge from the mixing of professionals between Meta and Microsoft. Bhattacharyya continued uncertain about the timing of the breadth of the metaverse being adopted, if a broad range of businesses design proof-of-concept Software applications, soon, the potential for the stock market value of metaverse economies could theoretically cascade up per virtual layer over a town, city, state, and to greater areas. For example, Procter & Gamble Co.’s CIO, Vittorio Cretella, has a conservative outlook. Cretella said, “When we talk about metave

On Bitcoin: It is a Total Turing Machine

On August 24, 2019, Craig S. Wright, a man wrote a conference paper titled Bitcoin, A Total Turing Machine . In Wright’s paper, Wright stated that he demonstrated the Bitcoin script language is capable of primitive recursion, but it can also deploy an Ackermann function. So, the Ackermann function can simply recurse within Bitcoin script: it is proof Bitcoin as a script system is Turing complete ( link ). Wright went a step further by introducing a new Turing machine class, the PTTM (probabilistic total Turing machine): it allowed him to find an artifact capable of acting as a verifier for a non-interactive, associated TM as a proof system. In typical use cases, Bitcoin is capable of secure contract offers including best fit solutions to logistic information systems, optimization problems such as the travelling salesman problem, and optimizing systems. In application, Bitcoin can be offered in 2 different contracts: open or time-bound contract, guaranteeing payment, but it allows the b