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Adapting to the 3G Shutdown

At 8:00 am ET, on January 14, 2022, Senior Personal Technology Columnist of the Wall Street Journal, Joanna Stern, wrote The 3G Shutdown Is Coming – Here’s How That Affects You . Stern wrote, “Starting next month, the third-generation wireless networks that served as a rocket booster for the smartphone will be turned off forever” ( link ). Stern was saying a paradigm in Internet and Telcom is shifting. With the advent of Web 3, resource scarcity such as the components of microchips is changing the focus of media to faster and more reliable networks. So, businesses will be able to adapt to larger and more detailed data sets, and we will accomplish this by designing scalable secure networks. The long version of this business adaptation is the optimization of the Web site domain availability granted by the invention of IPv6. Back when the Internet was 1st being built, web developers primarily used IPv4, which allowed 2 32 URL addresses (roughly 4 billion). As nations evolved the previous