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Meta: An AI Supercomputer, but no Originality

On January 24, 2022, at 12:00 pm ET, Suman Bhattacharyya wrote Meta Unveils New AI Supercomputer. Bhattacharyya wrote, “The supercomputer, the AI Research SuperCluster, was the result of nearly two years of work, often conducted remotely during the height of the pandemic, and led by the Facebook parent’s AI and infrastructure teams” ( link ). Photo by Pixabay on Bhattacharyya was saying the AI Research SuperCluster is a groundbreaking work, against the global catastrophe, COVID-19. But Meta, itself, is not original. Back in 2018, I had conceptualized an idea of virtual cities as a superstructure over physical cities. People could work, adventure, and get paid in digital currency. I believed this would benefit those with vigor, but also those with accessibility issues, equitably. As my idea matured in 2020, I believed I could refine my idea more, but it had little traction on social media. Then, sometime later, I began reading about the Metaverse, and how thi