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Pi Machin

In C, Calculating Pi

In this section I shall share this: against Dik T. Winter's Pi Computing in C, my experience. Regarding this, here is my repository: link. Just click Run. On, you, reader, can compile certain programming languages, and run them, online. With a GitHub account, you can also import your own GitHub repositories. But I do not feel this is an adequeate Pi solution. Against Winter's work is his whole-number-producing app, Pi Computing in C; it does not produce Pi, a decimal. Instead, it produces an 800-digit number that is a number sequence, but no decimal separated the 3 from the following digits, so there is no similitude. If you, reader, want to play with this code, I figure you can get near 80000 digits with it, scaling the array, and 2800 for loop limits by powers of 10, but 800000 might be too much for something built more than 6 years ago. I used my Surface Pro LTE and got a segmentation fault at 2800000 array elements because that requires a huge amount of cache memory. In the future, I shall attempt modifying this code, and run it using MPI or GPGPU.

Pi Machin

From Ken Ward's JavaScript tutorial (link), I got this free app. This is a Machin Pi calculator. My calculating device, a Microsoft Surface Pro 5 LTE, gave 100005 digits: in 135.26 seconds. From years ago, this is a much faster result time than Ken Ward's rig. On Google Chrome, Chrome may display a Page Unresponsive prompt. Press "Wait" or "Exit Page." Google Chrome complained more than twice. For digit confirmations, use Pi Search (link).
Number of Digits (the output is the input plus 5):

Add Count:
Add Spaces:
Answer appears here


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