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Pi: The Mathematical Proof God IS Existing

Adapting to the 3G Shutdown

At 8:00 am ET, on January 14, 2022, Senior Personal Technology Columnist of the Wall Street Journal, Joanna Stern, wrote The 3G Shutdown Is Coming – Here’s How That Affects You. Stern wrote, “Starting next month, the third-generation wireless networks that served as a rocket booster for the smartphone will be turned off forever” (link). Stern was saying a paradigm in Internet and Telcom is shifting. With the advent of Web 3, resource scarcity such as the components of microchips is changing the focus of media to faster and more reliable networks. So, businesses will be able to adapt to larger and more detailed data sets, and we will accomplish this by designing scalable secure networks.

The long version of this business adaptation is the optimization of the Web site domain availability granted by the invention of IPv6. Back when the Internet was 1st being built, web developers primarily used IPv4, which allowed 232 URL addresses (roughly 4 billion). As nations evolved the previously leading networks, we have nearly exhausted this resource, but the successor of that technology is allowing for 2128 URL addresses. This is more than 9 orders of magnitude greater in scale. As security is a 1st principle of Software Engineering, this paradigm shift could allow for equal depths of defense, if we build a network carefully.

Even during the great wars of the 20th century, communication was based on natural patterns of navigation. For example, messenger pigeons were used to pass information between allies during wartime, and they proved extremely valuable. In this case, the birds were flying using their evolved senses of path finding, and this is fundamentally predatory-prey, but the scale of IPv6 is astronomical rather than relatable to the human population in the 20th century. This is the meaning: the complexity has shifted to the exponential. 

Consider a Mandelbrot set: its complexity is scaling the same way. You can find the function of this order in nature. For communication, this is a sufficient means on scaling, but this is meaning security is necessarily at most summation of conditions in complexity. For the most reasonable structure we can use is not the form, square, but rather its half, the form, triangle. If you do not believe me, think about it: even though planetary navigation is not perfect, the ancients also knew it as circumnavigation. 

A circle can only be calculated by knowing the irrational, infinite mathematical constant, Pi. The equation is 2 times Pi multiplied by the radius of a circle. In radian format (i.e. the actual value), Pi is the total length of the form, triangle. This is meaning defense should fundamentally be structured, with minimalist penetration capabilities in mind. In the second half of the 20th century CE, Software Engineers evolved programming languages to adapt to this paradigm. B was followed by C, and the concept of objects were introduced to C, with classes.

Even advanced Software Engineers will tell you Java is cumbersome, if they come from a Python background. Since Python was originally designed as an interpreted language, the greatest security risk of running a program written in this language is allowing it to run in the first place. This is removing the defense of critical infrastructures for repetitive processes like a faucet leaking.

Even though water dripping looks minor, according to Astrophysical Journal Letters by Tel Aviv University and Harvard University, water formed less than 1 billion years after the Big Bang (link). Since we can measure the consequences of evolution by studying life above the earth, on the earth, or in the earth, we can studying an atom’s decay rate, which is exponential, and the same formula as population growth rates. According to Joseph Smidt, Brandon Wiggins, Francesca Samsel, Kristin Hoch, Greg Abram, Sam Jones, Alex Gagliano, and Morgan Taylor, water analysis is geometric (link). If the analysis of water in life is geometric, then we can prove the growth of water in the universe is exponential, unless the common ratio of the sequence is 1, -1, or 0. 

So, in plain English, this is meaning security either needs to prepare against great data flow to a sink, or special cases where data points can be pirated one by one. From a neutral point of view, our defensibility ought to include communication. Humanity is a social species. This is meaning, when we are communicating with stakeholders, do not let your guard down. The most reasonable approach in doing so is including the common Internet defenses such as a firewall, a strong password, and constant vigilance against phishing attacks. After reaching the peak security of a model, we need to recall the fundamental nature of security is strategic communication. 

In my professional experience, the most appropriate or justifiable approach to forming a strategy of communication is being a good listener. Amazon, Apple, Meta (formerly Facebook), Microsoft,  and Alphabet employed those who approached the read-only design of Web 1 to design Web 2, to great effect. The lecture style of information dissemination Web 1 enabled is here to stay, and the information exchange based of Web 2 is not going anywhere, either. So, the next step is letting the computer understand the data, itself. But the secret of a computer communicating with itself is this: the computer can train itself by reflection, but the modeling is our job, and the completed training is to our benefit. So, a computer still needs to communicate in order for it to have value, if we are wanting to design our computer’s data-retrieval and data-sending in a defensible way. In order to defend a network, we want to communicate. In order to expand our communication, we want to defend our network. The circular logic is a natural form of defense: it is a geometric. Obviously.


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