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October 22, 2020

On Self-Driving Vehicles, Re-evaluating Automation Levels

On October 18, 2020, Erik Stayton wrote "It’s Time to Rethink Levels of Automation for Self-Driving Vehicles" in the IEEE Society, SSIT (Society on Social Implications of Technology), and the magazine, Technology and Society. On media, regarding the future, Stayton agreed with Lee Vinsel. Regarding standards, Stayton wrote, “As the historian Lee Vinsel argues, standards are not just ways of classifying things. They are also attempts to shape the technological future. Thinking about how the structure of our standards contributes to their use is therefore crucial for making better policy decisions” (Stayton Sept 2020). Stayton was saying this: of the future, technology shall remain a part, but not its complete whole. Against humanity’s centralism is this: in authority, an ultimate media exchange. Without humans, media is another entity’s claimable target, but all human records are the bounty’s contents, too. As a history-based tool, its potency, replacing a human, is not really accurate: the Bible holds related wisdom.

Of similitude, there is a Psalm. This Psalm states, “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth (127:4, NIV)." The Psalmist was saying this: of a warrior, accept arrows’ superior use, and you may prosper with children, but strength. But a human performs a job, so media may be used, very well: children cannot be replaced, either. Even though autonomy is wanted, it is neither a necessary or sufficient human-enabling media attribute. Correct media shall protect skilled labor. For many jobs, supposed autonomous systems overkilling means this: those jobs considered lost were never a long term success. Against this, there is no need: as an example, consider a 1-year or 2-years entry level McDonald’s store role. Even this argument is unnecessary: it is a pathway-job; but it is not because McDonald’s is very unhealthy, but worse, it causes disrepute. Thus, I shall drive my own vehicle, but I shall build a sufficient non – supposed automated vehicle. I mentioned ‘supposed’ autonomy: someone is doing the programming, but he or she ought to be held responsible. After all, someone is paying him or her. 


Stayton, Erik. “It’s Time to Rethink Levels of Automation for Self-Driving Vehicles.” Technology and Society. September 2020.


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