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A God of Forces: JEDI, Weighed Against Ending its Cloud Project because of Amazon

During early Eastern Standard Time hours, today, the Wall Street Journal’s John D. McKinnon wrote Pentagon Weighs Ending JEDI Cloud Project Amid Amazon Court Fight ( link ). McKinnon wrote on Washington, District of Columbia soil, Pentagon professionals considered ending the JEDI cloud-computing project (in Software Engineering lingo, it is really a program, the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure): it is because Inc. has pushed litigation against it, and lawmakers are increasing their unfriendliness toward it. According to McKinnon, in 2019, Microsoft Corp. received the JEDI contract award, but Amazon contested this on court soil since then. On the Wall Street Journal, McKinnon continued: in April 2021, a federal judge refused the Pentagon’s demand to dismiss Amazon’s case, but the legal reasoning is unclear ( link ). Following this, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks stated the Pentagon would review JEDI, wrote McKinnon. McKinnon stated Hicks’ statement was on Ap

AIOps will help telcos manage AI at scale – a must in 5G networks


AI’s Profound Effect on CSPs’ Businesses

In August, 2020, Vice President of the TM Forum’s AI & Customer Experience, Aaron Boasman-Patel wrote AIOps will help telcos manage AI at scale – a must in 5G networks. Boasman-Patel wrote, “AI is going to have a profound effect on communication services providers’ (CSPs’) businesses” (Boasman-Patel, August, 2020). I believe this is an ideal, pillar-of-civilization, opportunity because AIs are special learners that advance to high-rank single task ‘completionists’ such as Go, the game, and chess, the game. Boasman-Patel continued by stating that it is desired that AI will transform CSPs’ networks, IT, and service operations, and this will enable their delivery of new and complex services that the digital ecosystem will allow across it. He also stated that the McKinsey Global Institute estimates that AI knew hot to contribute an added benefit to gross domestic product for a minimum of one decade that is, 1.2% annual growth, or $13 trillion dependent on economic activity by 2030.

5G is a Driver

On 5G and AI, Boasman-Patel went and then said these two technologies are not the entirety of entrance unlocking motivators for cognitive and autonomous network development. Boasman-Patel stated, “The advent of new wireless technologies such as 5G have the potential to add even more complexity to the network, particularly in radio access network (RAN) operations)” (Boasman-Patel, August, 2020). This radio technology is the pillar-of-civilization opportunity that I regarded hint-worthy and hint-feasible because an AI can rapidly optimize the Networks and Telecommunications signals that computer information systems produce on the Internet and World Wide Web. Boasman-Patel added that there is an estimated 2025 device connections count: one hundred billion, approximately – this desirably is a pressurizing event on networks.

Zero-touch is the goal

With Zero-touch being the goal, Boasman-Patel said as little as four hundred incidents to as many as ten thousand incidents knew how to lead to this. In maintenance, I would rather not be ruled by an incident seller because: as the Proverb states, “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty” [NIV (link), Proverbs 22:3 (link)], and remember the Proverb 22:7 (link). As this high incident count will increase overhead too much, Boasman-Patel stated CSPs are required to unleash AI and automation within their intranet operations and extranet operations because this is for management of increased traffic. However, Boasman-Patel expressed his concern that large-scale AI deployments within operators’ intranets and extranets, their networks, makes large challenges against operations including: of hundreds to thousands of AI modularities and components, governance, deployments, and operations; and controls; and maintenances; but this is a long-term goal of these technologies eventually forming a portion of CSPs’ central IT and networks and telecommunications, and information systems architecture.  

AI software models are black boxes

In addition, Boasman-Patel wrote that AI software models are black boxes, and I believe this was because AI is quite sophisticated, but with Sundar Pichai, a businessman and business technologist by training, him being the CEO of Google during the development of Android Pie and after its release means Android is a division of an IT company by an IT CEO’s vision, and this is evidenced by Sundar Pichai appearing in court rather than Larry Page or Sergey Brin, the co-founders of Google: I believe Google, a well known CSP, has ventured from their Computer Science origins into IT well in maintenance, but not totally in innovation because Pie is facing the same threat that other AIs have: crime, but especially video game system application emulation and video game software application. On the third Proverb chapter, the thirty-first Proverb states, “Do not envy a violent man, and do not emulate his lifestyle” [ISV (link)]. Since the dot-com boom of the early 00’s, malicious Internet and World Wide Web users have gone to terrible lengths pirating violent video games, and they emulated these characters. This can generate pits young men and women are not ready to confront. The original evolving Christians were required to support the Bible by formal evolution: Christianity does not teach that piracy is good, against this is theft law, Exodus 20:15 (link). However, USA Christianity is declining.

This is my reflection on my experiences

On the Christianity in the United States Wikipedia article, Wikipedia writers reported sixty-five percent of American adults are Christian, by the person and the woman. From 2015, I believe this decline is particularly because of unproven claims: a president such as Donald Trump, middle named John, claiming Christian status by national Census, but being a whoremonger in deed, and many wealthy celebrities supporting the unproven thus accusatory religion, Scientology, and its unproven thus accusatory Dianetics. Without the Jew following the law, the Jew becomes alive to the law, but the Gentile has the same lawful requirement [(NIV (link), Romans 2:10-13 (link)). Further, I noticed many piracy-supporting technologies allows listing: these are strange technologies that I believe caused Sega’s post-Dreamcast (link) decline, the Leyou Millenium acquisition of SNK Playmore – a best-in-class and leading edge video game company (link), and Capcom’s own eventual choice to concentrate on video game remasters (link), future-proofing themselves.

Edit: There was a historical record error -- Capcom did not buy SNK Playmore. 

On those who only know Sega for Sonic the Hedgehog (link), the Sega Genesis (link) was the more intense audio experience contrasted from the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) because the NES (link) is an 8-bit video game system, but the Sega Genesis is a 16-bit system: these technologies are both based on powers of two in accordance with Moore’s Law. You, reader, on the subject of  Gordon Moore’s Law, you may search for the central Wikipedia article, for starters. However, the Nintendo Entertainment System had Mega Man (link), a very advanced video game at the time of its original generational period, the third. contains a well-made article on Blast Processing, a controversial Sega Genesis technology. SNK Playmore is known for King of Fighters games (link) and Samurai Showdown games (link), but SNK made the Neo Geo (link) group of video game consoles: top dollar computer information systems. After years of piracy, during the Nintendo Gamecube, PlayStation 2, and the shortly made Sega Dreamcast; but also the Microsoft Xbox generation, Capcom made Capcom vs SNK 2 (link): this was a very intense game. SNK Playmore was going out of business because of sales deficits that it continues experiencing, today (link). Next, Capcom made the Arcade-perfect, a term used to describe games that were as good as the arcade technologies, but on video game consoles such as the Sega Saturn (link) and Sega Dreamcast (link), Marvel vs Capcom 2 (link), another very intense video game experience. These game systems were pirated, but then it gets worse: their video games were pirated. With multi-year efforts, these games were multi-million dollar deals, but now this technology is sold wrongly: on Amazon, pirates are given royal exhibition privileges. It actually feels racist. I grew playing games, but AI will collect historical analytics for future regulated-privacy-acknowledging curations.

Against Pie turning into a robotic racist whore simulation as Microsoft’s Twitter bot (link), for example, the best worst-case preparation is having a complete core that secures navigation for a user. This secure navigation will come at the cost of total accessible Internet portals and available World Wide Web sites, but there really is no point to venture into malicious Web sites that have malware or privacy-violating technologies except to get rid of the malware and retrieve lost data: this is really only a job for security professionals any way you look at it.

Image by Julien Tromeur from Pixabay


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