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We Should Have Already Had This: The Lithium-Ion Battery With Built-In Fire Suppression

On October 22, 2020, yesterday, Dexter Johnson posted The Lithium-Ion Battery With Built-In Fire Suppression. Within this topic, Dexter Johnson regards a Stanford University research team and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (its former name was the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center[1]). Johnson stated:Now [Yi] Cui and his research team, in collaboration with SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, have offered some exciting new capabilities for lithium-ion batteries based around a new polymer material they are using in the current collectors for them. The researchers claim this new design to current collectors increases efficiency in Li-ion batteries and reduces the risk of fires associated with these batteries.[2]Johnson was saying this: fires are a current Li-ion battery threat that has been realized, but a new design can secure client use-case safety, and this required this battery redesigned. As this technology approaches marketplace entry points, this shall confront Li-io…

IS the Future of AI “Women?”

Interdisciplinary Campus Culture

On April 14, 2020, Katy Rank Lev wrote the Carnegie Mellon University’s (CMU) news article The Future of AI is Female. Since artificial intelligence’s (AI) initial measurement, wrote Lev, CMU built AI. Lev wrote that each of the colleges CMU is representing contribute to make AI a new field, describing this AI as a frontier, humanity can democratize: from healthcare, the eventual goal area is education. In a rush, Lev cut the conversation short, and Lev mentioned CMU’s interdisciplinary campus culture as the source of the effective AI women, but this is despite women historically not represented as scientists, technologists, and engineers, and math (STEM), worldwide. But CMU is spotlighting undergraduate students and highly honored faculty members, and Lev is including these women because she agrees with the Women in Tech movement as far as the East is from the West: CMU is the best Computer Science University with AI, and this is IT at this point in time, since the science mostly already exists as a paradigm. However, Lev also mentioned CMU’s women in AI are discussing the research that they are doing, its affect and effect, and each of them having any future time in AI independent to the world.

AI on Campus and in Work

When I was an undergraduate on Regent University’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program (it IS tough: Check out the most recent degree requirements), I studied AI, and my studies include Android Oreo. Android Oreo is the basis for Android Pie's AI: Quickly growing and spreading Statistical data (For more information, check this statistical data chart: link). On one or more Hard Disk Drives or one Solid State Drive, I have my undergraduate AI research, but my Surface Pro LTE does not support embedding drive hardware except by USB, so I will want to have to gather the technology from the local Best Buy or Office Depot. With that planned, I believe CMU’s position is different than the United States military enlistment and annual spending/defense budget, and a retired Navyman, my Software Engineering trainer, Mr. Joe Saur, will want to likely support. My basis is the answer to the question, ‘Why do men and women have an evolutionary sense?’ The answer is: Against an anti-unhappy family in the long run, men and women are evolving, but with happy families whenever possible, men and women are evolving. I believe this evolution is by hereditary faith (Ephesians 2:8, Matthew 19:11). On the United States military demographics, the Pew Research Center’s Kim Parker, Anthony Cilluffo, and Renee Stepler reported 6 Facts about the U.S. military and its changing demographics (2017), but I created this chart (Proverbs 27:17). On a completed Internet and Social Media project, here IS a research paper: The Internet and Social Media: Relationships Between Developed and Developing Regions. As an undergraduate Computer Scientist Student, I wrote this article, and I discussed my theoretical future content on the Internet and Social Media.

The United States of America's percentage of women's demographics by percentage, and men make up the remainder of each branch

Overhead, this is a camera-equipped multicopter drone looming.
Image by Thomas Ehrhardt from Pixabay


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In response to the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo’s Circular Reasoning: Spiral Circuits for More Efficient AI

Circular Reasoning
On June 14, 2020, the IIS (Institute of Industrial Science) at the UTokyo (University of Tokyo) wrote Circular Reasoning: Spiraling Circuits for More Efficient AI; but a Press Release from this institute is giving a synopsis on this topic. On this press release, the IIS wrote, “Researchers from the Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo designed and built specialized computer hardware consisting of stacks of memory modules arranged in a 3D-spiral for artificial intelligence (AI) applications” (IIS, June 14, 2020). The IIS continued on, saying this research is allowing a singular way work can be done regarding the next generation energy efficient AI devices (Here is a current generation, but energy efficient, AI device, Android Pie: link) shall be implemented into production.            The Fundamentals of Machine LearningOn this press release, the IIS is explaining the fundamentals of ML (Machine Learning). The IIS wrote, “Machine learning is a ty…

Drone Uses AI and 11,500 Crashes to Learn How to Fly

Learning to Fly by Crashing
On 10 May, 2017, Evan Ackerman wrote the IEEE (Institute for Electricians and Electrical Engineers) SPECTRUM article Drone Uses AI and 11,500 Crashes to Learn How to Fly. In Ackerman’s article, Ackerman used a block quote by Carnegie Mellon University roboticists Dhiraj Gandhi, Lerrel Pinto; and Abhinav Gupta, the writers of a paper, “Learning to Fly by Crashing” (Gandhi, et. al., 27 Apr 2017). From Ackerman’s block quote from Gandhi, et. al., “[T]he gap between simulation and real world remains large especially for perception problems” (Gandhi, et. al.). Ackerman contrasted known motion from unconfirmed motion without identifying the pre-existing condition called Schrödinger’s cat in the case that the crashes shall eventually happen without outside help: a continuing crash failure, and in security terms this is interned as a false positive because this helps Schrödinger’s cat stay alive or rest buried in the soil. In this case, this drone detects these two …

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