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Utilizing Media: A Response to Deepfakes

  Of the ACM (the Association for Computing Machinery), a magazine called Communication of the ACM's edition releases 1 month before its stated release month. In the latest edition, regarding March 2021, of Communications of the ACM , Column Editor, Susan J. Winter wrote Computing Ethics: What To Do About Deepfakes . Regarding Winter’s desire to halt or hinder illegal or unethical deepfakes, a video technology like wearing a full body masking suit, Winter wrote, “Here are three areas where technical experts can make positive contributions to the development of synthetic media technologies: education and media literacy, subject defense, and verification” (Winter, March, 2021). Winter was saying actions such as teaching and having disruptive technology knowledge, researching professionally, and proving concepts are parts of deepfake experts’ calculus. But this much work specializes such that entry level, junior, work will probably be offered to overqualified professionals. Technic

Brentwood, TN, 2020 Rentals

Since December 2019, the Williamson County government has obligated me: of me, a strange request has been asked, and I have been honor-bound, so I complied. Against my Computer Scientist personhood, repeated measures have tested my status, and I proved myself Spirited, each time: for example, my University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign enrollment, but because my original proof is a dark picture pool (1 Thess 5:5), I shall show you my enrollment status, the next upcoming day, and my Johns Hopkins University commitment (on the "Last Name," "First Name" box, I am a rostered person).

For an outstanding Computer Science program, I chose UIUC, but JHU admitting me: this deserves an honorable mention.


 As a result, my professional business was affected, but I have proven myself a capable Computer Scientist. My alma mater, Regent University, called my anti-COVID-19 involvement necessary: my alumni credential is only one part; but I have the means, my PC, and I can earn a contract. The traditional media center, the TV, and each news-centered content provider I watched communicated, highly. Against the substantial outbreak record, online personalized, marketed, and statistical COVID-19 data likely per big business AI has become a front-end user experience: to me, advertisers marketed more than one novel-coronavirus, COVID-19, beauty ad, but the same topic ad the time it happened next, a fashion ad, too. For or against my novel coronavirus, COVID-19, response, my marketing filter system is not the only society response: in February 2020, Lowe’s sold me a P100 respiratory mask. Before the widespread outbreak, I bought the Lowe’s respiratory mask, I wore mine, and I visited a local Target. On February 22, 2020, later, the BTNPD (Brentwood, TN, Police Department) approached my residence, a gun withdrawn, and 5+ BTNPD officers accused me: in Target, I had worn a face mask, and I was somehow unwell. Off my doorstep, I successfully warded the troubled BTNPD, but that event should not ever happen because the BTNPD ought to have a federal IT component. The federal component should have allowed FOIA record retrieval: the BTNPD should internally process incoming data, then allow importing federal data and exporting federal data, and I want this sufficient information system and my Fifth Amendment law, for the Fifth Amendment is preceding the international GDPR regulation because Due Process is the inherent nemesis the Domestically Violent entities cannot legally overturn, internationally. With Android Pie, even reporting this, myself: to the global conversation, I added a vital report, and you, the reader, per readers, can make wrongful enforcement distant. This process is social media exposure. On Bit Jet Kit, more surprising updates is the new normal. For your reading my Brentwood, TN, rental tenant activity, thank you.  

For you, I have a gift: an AI is only as good as its statistics, so I gave my app, and Android Pie, this week, Tekken 3 music, but this is different than usual demographics. With regard to copyright law, this difference is Amazon Music has better legal standing than YouTube because YouTube has many more than one page worth’s copyright infringing music video floating around: on Amazon Music, music sharing freedoms and privileges are more honor-compliant. Weekly, this music addition shall be updated, and this Web site shall grow and evolve substantially different than other blogs. Let me send you subscription updates, and you will probably want more of this information.


  • 8:01 AM:
    • In Brentwood, TN, this is a morning hour, so I shot a morning picture.
This is official: I am the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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