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A God of Forces: JEDI, Weighed Against Ending its Cloud Project because of Amazon

During early Eastern Standard Time hours, today, the Wall Street Journal’s John D. McKinnon wrote Pentagon Weighs Ending JEDI Cloud Project Amid Amazon Court Fight ( link ). McKinnon wrote on Washington, District of Columbia soil, Pentagon professionals considered ending the JEDI cloud-computing project (in Software Engineering lingo, it is really a program, the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure): it is because Inc. has pushed litigation against it, and lawmakers are increasing their unfriendliness toward it. According to McKinnon, in 2019, Microsoft Corp. received the JEDI contract award, but Amazon contested this on court soil since then. On the Wall Street Journal, McKinnon continued: in April 2021, a federal judge refused the Pentagon’s demand to dismiss Amazon’s case, but the legal reasoning is unclear ( link ). Following this, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks stated the Pentagon would review JEDI, wrote McKinnon. McKinnon stated Hicks’ statement was on Ap

On an Android Pie Update: the Settings App Color Palette is a Paradigm Shift

On Android Pie, my phone has a Settings app change, but it was never an Android Oreo feature: the colored icon. 

Android Oreo Settings

On Android Oreo, the Settings app coloring is like a notepad color scheme, but it has a very basic layout, but it can evolve; and I made this GIF, but it displays how basic it is. On Android Oreo, the Settings app is not anything great.

On Android Oreo, the Settings app coloring
Android Oreo Settings

The Android Oreo Settings is Bland

This Settings app layout is a definitive failure because people did not give much effort, here.
On May 7th, 2019, The Verge writer, Russell Brandom, reported There are now 2.5 billion active Android devices. On September 12, 2019, Arne Holst wrote Androi×d version market share 2019, but Arne Holst reported the Android market is twenty-nine percent Android Oreo; but it is seven hundred million Android Oreo devices; but it is twenty million more Android Oreo devices. 

Google Created a Margined Deficit

Since the Android Oreo Settings layout is terrible, seven hundred million, but twenty million more devices is a margined deficit: evolving user experiences were lost, forever, because both Android, but the Android market, wanted this base, it is a judgment error, the Android Oreo user community should have bought more Microsoft mobile phones because a Windows 10 phone was the better worst-case scenario. On the market, I shall buy myself a Microsoft-supported Windows 10 phone, the Nokia Lumia.

Android Pie Settings

On Android Pie, the Settings app layout has a different paradigm, and it is native resized/colored icons. This is such a large change: Android did not make it retroactive, and it is unprotected because no Android before it had Pie predictions, but it is displayed marketwide, but it is alone; yet it is a public policy because Google uses the open source license, Apache 2.0.

On Android Pie, the Settings app
Android Pie Settings

After 1976, Companies are Open-Sourcing, But not Hiring

In my career, I am now a Computer Scientist, and you can view my newest Tensorflow.JS work, here, but Google open-sourcing this ultimate AI is pathetically insecure; and neither here nor there is more sophisticated AI than Tensorflow.JS, but its use is the simple JavaScript programming language; but against Cool Springs, Tennessee Computer Science jobs, Bit Jet Kit is my labor because no Cool Springs, Tennessee company hires fresh college graduate CS professionals.

Prioritizing, but not Favoring

On Scripture, the Apostle Saul displayed his priorities, but he wrote God does not. To whom Saul considered the Gentiles, Saul (NIV) wrote, "For God does not show favoritism." In priority terms, Tensorflow.JS is first pro-public then the Pie OS (operating system) second, but the Pie market is the private user, but the private user is modifying public Pie data; for existing datatypes, Pie's security is the Java banning a custom self-referenced datatype; but allowing inaccurate Tensorflow.JS is trademarkable. However, it is Tensorflow.JS-inaccurate because an inaccurate learned machine shall accept the JavaScript variable workaround, but against stupidity errors: I figure IQ successes can be a buffer.


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